3D Models

We create custom 3D models. With 3D, your audience can actually interact with your ideas. Avatars, virtual environments, animations and much more.


Realistic characters

3D-modelling of human characters based on photos. Your customized lifelike 3D-avatar for animation, AR/VR, visualizations, the metaverse, and more.


3D Print-ready

Your 3D-model to touch.
We convert your 3D-model into 3D-print data for a perfect physical model.


3D Environments

We create 3D-environments for animations, presentations, exhibitions,
meetups, live events and much more.
Your individual space at the metaverse.
There are no limits for creativity.


Rigged and animated

With interconnected digital bones, any 3D object can be controlled and moved as needed.
Now it’s ready for animation.


Virtual Reality

Join now from VR-Headset, web or mobile
virtual art-exhibitions, meetups, and live events together with lifelike avatars.

We create and edit your customized 3D space.

let’s come together, right now.

Meet us at our Metaverse-Space


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vr-headset recommended